Committed to Inspiring Change

filled with triumph, love and loss. December 23, 2013, when her world changed forever. This crucial day commenced a difficult journey into a life of meaningful purpose, where Tiffany would find her place as a symbol of perseverance and inspiration.

She was born Tiffany Nicole Adams on December 8, 1983 and raised in the small town of Lufkin, Texas. Growing up with three sisters and one brother in a single-parent home, Tiffany’s humble beginnings were the foundation of her big ambitions to aspire to stand out. Her infectious personality, creative and artistic nature with impeccable taste for the best in quality and style generated admirers and attention early on. Tiffany would later find these characteristics were quite necessary on her life’s course.

Tiffany, upon graduating from High School, moved to Huntsville, Texas to pursue multiple degrees at Sam Houston State University. She obtained a Bachelor of Science Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Science Humanity and Social Science degree with a specialization in Fashion Merchandising. During her time in University, Tiffany was known as the go-to person for fashion advice, styling tips and most respected her expertise in fashion show production. Several years she headed annual fashion shows for Theta Mu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc benefiting scholastic di began to style her friends and peers for various on-campus functions, including fashion shows. It was during these years when Tiffany realized that she had an inherent passion - style and fashion. Upon graduation she became an independent fashion stylist, gaining a slew of clients ranging from corporate executives to local celebrities.

In 2008, Tiffany Nicole moved to the city of Houston to expand her styling business and strategically develop relationships in the industry. Her intent was to dominate nationwide. Tiffany grew successful and was ready for what the world had in store for her, until an annual trip back home to visit her family in Lufkin, Texas for Christmas ended in tragedy.

Driving from Houston to Lufkin, Texas is a 2-hour long drive, and Tiffany had done it many times before. On December 23, 2013, Tiffany abruptly lost control of her vehicle, due to no fault of her own. When her vehicle finally came to a stop, Tiffany was trapped inside and unconscious. She awoke in a hospital to a whole new reality. Over the next few months, Tiffany’s life changed drastically.

Tiffany underwent bilateral above knee amputation, she suffered from a broken neck, ribs and other traumatic injuries from her car accident. Bound to a wheelchair, with multiple physical injuries, the emotional pain and anguish set in. Tiffany lost what she now considers her ‘first life’.  She has since begun her ‘second life’, after hard emotional & physical work and therapy. Tiffany has become an inspirational example of tenacity and faith. A new outlook pushed her into her purpose.

Since her accident, Tiffany began a non-profit foundation named Tenacity for Tiffany. The organization's mission is to provide support and resources; including limb loss resources and medical supplies for families/individuals who have experienced limb loss due to motor vehicle accidents. Tenacity for Tiffany also focuses on civic engagement and advocacy while raising funds and awareness for those in need. The non-profit leads community service initiatives such as “back to school” projects and sponsors several families during Easter and Christmas holidays. Tiffany describes her renewed purpose as striving to “inspire those who have encountered tragic situations that have left them feeling hopeless from lack of emotional, physical and psychological support. I want to empower people I encounter with love AND resources.” Tiffany views her life now as a mission to be triumphant; a victor and not a victim. In doing so she actively aims to help others come to the same realization. She wants to create a culture and send a message to the world that we all ‘win’ in this life, and that we should focus on winning even when we have experienced loss. It’s a focus on mental and emotional will and wellness, viewing life differently and empowering oneself.

Tiffany further explains, “None of us wake up by accident. Everyone that has been granted a ‘second chance’ or what can be considered spiritually a ‘grace period’.  We are all here for a purpose and not by chance, so there is no excuse not to live to your full potential regardless of what has transpired around you. Every day counts, so share your talents with the world”.

Tiffany currently spends most of her time in Houston, also traveling often to Los Angeles for work. She has started a new lifestyle brand called Saint Tiffany’s to house her fashion, motivation and travel endeavors. She has presented styles to celebrities, high profile business people and fellow philanthropist socialites. Tiffany has also been using her platform to speak to audiences in need of inspiration, motivation & compassion. There is so much in store for Tiffany, but there is much more in store for all of us, as her inspiring story encourages us all to take charge, push forward and win in our lives. . . no matter what.

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