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A Fashion Stylist’s Life-Altering Tragedy Turned Into An Opportunity to Help Others

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Fashion stylist Tiffany Adams was driving back home for Christmas to visit family on December 23, 2013, when she abruptly lost control of her vehicle.The result was months in the hospital, a broken neck, ribs and amputation of both of her legs. Over the last five years, Tiffany has suffered from the emotional and physical scars that remained, but gradually began her journey on her ‘second life’.

Today, Tiffany has reshaped her life as an advocate for people living with disabilities and limitations, a motivational speaker and a fashion consultant. In 2018, Tiffany created the brand Saint Tiffany’s to house her fashion, motivational and travel endeavours. The brand is to highlight how she navigates living her life whilst wheelchair bound. Her motivation is to encourage others to live their lives to the fullest potential but to also shed light on the challenges her and others face with accessibility. The interest in Tiffany is clear with growing followership on social media.

Tiffany Adams is looking forward to sharing more of her story with others.

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